no faith to keep. no sons to weep. no future.


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In January my Lyme’s Disease came back in full force.

Since then, I have dug myself into another giant financial hole, racked up a ton of medical bills, I’m on a ton of medication and being treat by 3 different doctors. My health insurance runs out in 2 days.

My car broke down right around this time, so the timing was just great.

My doctor told me that because of my panic attacks, my anxiety, extreme stress and growing depression that I should not be working. My (former) employer would not accept my doctor’s note, and since I did not qualify for FMLA, I lost my job. Looking back, it was not the right job for me, and it just added to all my other problems. The pay was great, the people were not.

Oh, and since January I’ve been blown off by like 4 different chicks. The least of my worries, but come on now. Seriously? I ain’t ugly and I’m a nice guy, give me a break.

I currently have no income, I am in the midst of a nervous breakdown, so I moved home to my parents until I can get back on my feet. They have been more than understanding and helpful and non critical for the first time in my life.

Shit has been BAD but thankfully I have amazing friends who have helped me stay on my feet. Without their unconditional support, I really can’t say I’d be still be here right now. This has been extremely humbling but has brought me closer to my family, and for once I feel that I have experienced unconditional love, from both my friends and family. 

I hope to be able to collect unemployment or disability for a bit, and then get back into working with kids and or the disabled. I need a rewarding job. Today, tour for us (RGN SUP) was announced which was awesome, and I’m looking forward to getting out on the road and not having to worry about work. 

Once some money comes in, I’ll figure out a plan. I’m trying to stay rested, and stress free. Moving back to the suburbs from living in South Philly is going to take some getting used to, but this “reset” is what I need.

Thank you to all of my friends who have helped me through this. It has been the most difficult,humbling, painful, embarrassing, confusing time in my life. I know that I can pull through this, it will just take some time.  

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  1. missadventuresofelisamarie said: Oh no! Being sick and having a medial condition is the worst and brings about some crazy emotions and depression in itself. I have been there. Keep your head up and keep busy! Best wishes. Come back to PHX.
  2. several-shades-of-why said: love you dude
  3. moshedbrotatoes said: So glad things are looking up man. Pumped to hang again this summer.
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